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I have such a toner for Jeremy Jordan

i love him
i love him
and it scares me
but never the less
love is the big i’ve caught

i wanna be free to love and express

i wanna be able to speak freely, and love myself when others don’t

i wanna not be so plagued with anxiety

i wanna not be scared of how our persons will blend together

i wanna be able to tell how much you mean to me

i wanna create words that could explain the things i feel

i just wanna love and be loved

Fun facts: ever since I required a boyfriend, I’ve gotten much better at the whole girl way of taking off shirts

Preach Lucas preach


I have a boyfriend-y person
He makes me smile
At any time, he can make me smile
I don’t know how someone can actually do that.. But he can

can someone please tell me why cursing is seen as unattractive?

please, someone help a sister out

To be honest, I don’t want a guy to tell me I’m perfect. I want a guy who will know that I’m not perfect, and love me anyway. It’s a lot to live up to if a guy thinks I’m perfect.

Will wonders never cease…? It’s been a most peculiar day

don’t call me in the middle of the night unless you want me to call you back at least four times

i promise i am here, but i will also get annoying making sure you’re okay